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Visting Florida 10/31/13


There was a great egret in the pond outback.

great egret Naples Florida

Great Egret Naples Florida

Great Egret Naples Florida


I saw my first Loggerhead Shrike today. It was perched in a tree near the sidewalk outside the house. I did not have a camera with me, but what a joy to just observe for a bit.



I was at the community pool looking out over the pond. There was a Little Blue Heron feeding in the water. After a few minutes, the bird flew across the pond and landed on the deck railing not very far from me. It began to preen itself. Really cool! I also noticed a Great Egret when we were leaving.

Corvid! Blue Jay! 10/16/13

There was a bird calling outside my bedroom window. I jumped up excitedly exclaiming "Corvid!" "Blue Jay!" There was no mistaking that "pint-sized hawk" sound. I briefly scanned the branches of the tree until I spotted the little beauty. A common bird, indeed, but I hadn't seen one since last year, and they are always a delight to me. I have a fascination with Corvids.

Spring Lake Park 10/1/13

Weather- 60 degrees F, Clear Skies, Wind 14+ mph, (cool, sunny, windy)

Spring Lake Park

Spring Lake Park


50 Canada Geese resting on the land strip in lake. Canada Geese

3 Pied-Billed Grebes preening and diving. Smaller than ring-billed gulls, brownish, short bill, white tail.

Pied-Billed Grebe

Pied-Billed Grebe

Pied-billed grebe

Ring-billed Gulls amidst the geese.


1 Western Grebe diving. White neck and under-parts, dark head and upper-parts. Black extends over eyes.


2 male, 3 female American Wigeons. Dark eyeline, white and black patch on side near tail. Light head streak.

American Wigeons

American Wigeon

Yellow-rumped warbler in flight.


1 Yellow-rumped warbler in tree. Twirp twirp. Calling from the tree, flies out and back in. Takes off hunting. White eyering, yellow rump patch. Light under-parts.

yellow-rumped warbler

yellow-rumped warbler

yellow-rumped warbler

Lots of American Robins.


Robin-sized bird with sharply shaped wings, striped tail. Flew from hill area and landed in a leafless tree in the park.

unknown bird

unknown bird

unknown bird

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Spring Lake Park