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The Uncommon Crow Great Backyard Bird Count

Monday Night Seminars 01/31/14
Cornell Seminar
The Uncommon Crow 01/29/14
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At first glance, it might not seem pertinent to study common animals, such as crows, sparrows, or pigeons, in urban environments. They aren't endangered, they aren't exotic, and they are considered a nuisance by many. In reality, these points overshadow the true significance of studying urban wildlife. It is greatly belittled. There are innumerable things we could learn if more people took notice. For example, crow social behavior, vocalizations, and the relationship between crows and urban settings are still poorly understood. In that sense, the crow is not so "common", but rather a mysterious neighbor worth investigating.

Dr. Kevin McGowan, an ornithologist at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, is hosting online Crow Webinars for anyone who is interested. Part 1 occured on January 29th, 2014, and part 2 will occur on February 12th, 2014 at 7pm and 9pm Eastern Time. You can register for $10 if you wish to attend.

The Uncommon Crow Part 2: The Secret Life of the American Crow

Dr. Kevin McGowan will be joined by a panel of crow researchers, who can answer any questions you may have during the presentation. These crow biologists observe and follow populations of crows in upstate New York. You can learn more about them, their research, and how to support them by checking out the links below.

Check out these links:

Crow Research Group
Reddit Q&A
Corvid Blog
Crow Research Fund
Dr. Kevin McGowan

One simple way you can get involved is to participate in citizen science projects. Celebrate Urban Birds is one project that is currently running. This project asks its volunteers to observe the area the size of half a basketball court for 10 minutes and note which of the 16 focal species are seen or unseen. The data can be submitted online or through the mail.

Learn more here:

Celebrate Urban Birds

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