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Spring Lake Park 12/26/13

Weather-Low 30s (degrees F), Sunny, snow-covered ground

spring lake park

Bike Path Lightly Wooded Area

A small hawk-like bird was perched near the top of a bare deciduous tree. I saw it only briefly before it took flight. A larger hawk was soaring overhead scanning the tall grass.

Bike Path/Walking Trail Bordering Fields

There was a large hawk in the distance on a low perch. It lifted its right wing and preened its side feathers. Sat for a few moments, then began flight. Light colored breast, dark belly, white under wings with dark markings. I'd guess it was a Rough-legged hawk, but other possibilities could be Northern harrier or Red-tailed hawk.

spring lake park rough-legged hawk

Spring-lake park rough-legged hawk

Walking Trail across the road

spring lake park trail

1 Hawk flying very quickly and low over the tall grass, and into the trees. A Sharp-tailed grouse flew across the field toward us, over our heads, then across another field to land in a tree. It had whitish/pale under parts with dark markings. The flight pattern was alternating between rapid, shallow flaps, and straight soaring.

williston north dakota

spring lake park path

Heading back

Two female Ring-necked pheasants were flying briefly above the tall grass. They had drab coloring and relatively long tail feathers.

Small Pond

Over 100 mallards were resting on the ice and swimming in the unfrozen section of the smaller pond. Most of the mallards were sleeping on the ice. The majority of those who were swimming were males.

spring lake park mallards

spring lake park mallards

duck footprints

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Spring Lake Park