Dr. Miry Books

Art by Takamoto

Black Flowers

Twisted Fantasy-Love Story-Alchemy

Dr. Miry has summoned the plague doctors to Canyon Falls, for there is a dark spell on the horizon…

Garbanzo, a hermit weaponsmith of the jackelope race, cannot seem to escape the attention of a monocle-eyed medical doctor, her shapeshifting nurse, and their team of nightmarish plague doctors.

Dr. Miry, a thirty-one-year-old elf who runs a medical clinic at Canyon Mill, cannot escape her frequent flashbacks from before...Her flashbacks take her to a year ago when the first text message from a mysterious stranger lights up her phone screen. The messages grow into the soul-awakening love story she had never asked for, and yet somehow, she had always wished for.

But often the deepest love carves space for the darkest pain. And even the microscopic can trigger catastrophic change.

In the after, Dr. Miry finds hope for her heart thanks to an ancient alchemy tome. With the assistance of Nurse Kairi and the plague doctors, she prepares for the Black Rose. She would do anything for the chance to continue their story, even if it means suffering the blackening. She would give up all. For, as she will soon discover, the Great Work is not yet finished.

Brain Feathers

Twisted Fantasy-Love Story-Alchemy

Blood pHoenix

Twisted Fantasy-Love Story-Alchemy