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Lightning 11/14/13

November featured the first Lightning Strikes event in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Lightning is a main character from the Final Fantasy XIII series. Players could complete the quest "For the Winsome" to receive Final Fantasy XIII items and catch a glimpse of Lightning in the game.

Journee Strix 11_14_2013

Lots of people were waiting here for Lightning to arrive.

Journee Strix 11_14_2013

It was glitchy at this spot from all the players, which made it difficult to get a good picture of her. Can you see her?

realm reborn lightning

Someone's in front of her, and she was already fading away by the time I snapped the screenshot.

realm reborn lightning realm reborn lightning

Journee Strix with Binding Rod (Vanille's wand) and Guardian Corps Gauntlets.

realm reborn vanille's wand realm reborn vanille's wand

Kristina Magija and Star Seeker (Serah's bowsword).

realm reborn serah's bow

Journee and Kristina waiting for Lightning again.

Journee Strix 11_14_2013 Journee Strix 11_14_2013 Journee Strix 11_14_2013 Journee Strix 11_14_2013 Journee Strix 11_14_2013


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