Welcome to the About page!

   This is the place where normal website creators would let you know what their website is all about. Well, the truth is, I don't know what this is about (and I am not normal). For now, it is a collection of my random hobbies in the form of mini blogs. I'm not sure if there is a purpose to it, other than my own enjoyment in making it. I am the type of person who enjoys a lot of things and is very passionate about them, but is not really good at any of them. (That includes writing, photography, and website development by the way. My apologies!) There are so many bloggers these days with impressive content and phenomenal photography. It is very inspiring, but it can be pretty intimidating. Still, I felt an overwhelming urge to make this website. When you have that kind of drive to do something, you should probably just do it. Don't ask me why. Time will find a reason.